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     I was born in the City of Edinburgh Scotland. My family then moved to Birmingham England when I was twelve. Then at the tender age of twenty-two, being compelled by the British Government to leave Britain and immigrate to Australia as a ten-pound pom. This urgent move found necessary when the newly elected Labour Government, led by Prime Minister Harold Wilson increased the cost of a pint of beer by 25% to two bob a pint. Yes, I will grant you an impulsive move, but one I have never regretted.
     That move to Perth Australia was one of the few good decisions made in my life. Other decisions being the move up to the new outback town of Kununurra in Western Australia, because there I met my wife and soulmate Lesley. I have three adult children; and on last count, five healthy grandchildren... just how lucky in life can a man be?

     I can qualify my ability to write good interesting stories, by being fortunate in having a wide range, and a large collection of odd life experiences to write about. I write both true stories and realistic fiction. In my realistic fiction, I enjoy writing a good mind-provoking story, and have many interesting stories to write for you. I prefer to write a story that has some natural humour, as there is more than enough sadness in this world. A good true or spooky fiction story that can add the occasional laugh, yet still raise the urgent question... "Could this be true?" is a good read for every enquiring mind to consider.

     Over the past 41 years, I have been the creator/owner and managing director of eleven Pty Ltd companies, spanning some eight different business disciplines. These businesses covered a range: from, RF radio communications, Herbs & Spice Importers, to luxury car dealerships. Then to a Mexican Restaurante, through to founding a new air charter company, then a 4X4 vehicle hire business and a mine claim pegging service... finally a specialised contract mining service.
     These businesses over the years employed many interesting and odd characters; together creating for me a full-on hectic business life. The past memories now providing me with an endless choice of good stories to write about.

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