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  Realistic Fiction.
    The 9th Place is a story that has never been told before; a novel written as "could be true" fiction. What the heck is that I hear you say? Well you may have to read the book to find out. Yes there is humour, and also a love twist, all wrapped up in a story with a sound believable theory based on true and current world events. Prepare for a roller coaster fast moving action thriller.

     Why do we exist; is there some vast plan, are we alone in the universe, or is our past and future infinitely planned by an unknown force?
     An Entity discovers humans have almost perfected a way of destroying the Earth; and more important for the Entity, our complete solar system...
      Read & Enjoy. This story will get you thinking, one that could well turn out to be true.
    Well you never know these days.
  We've Got to Get Out is a very amusing true story about a young man's transition... me, from a schoolboy to the workforce. Then on and into a strange world of even stranger people. learning to understand how people think and discovering the way to use my unrealised natural skills as a schoolyard trader to become a young businessman. While Britain was swinging to the Beatles and the Rolling stones, enjoying free love (we had just got the mighty contraceptive pill,) and looking cool. I was in my new adopted country Australia, biting my fingernails to the bone, wondering if my birth date would be pulled out of the government lotto draw next Friday night. This a must-see TV show, being the weekly draw for the compulsory Australian Army draft to serve in fight for my new country.
That said, I have never regretted immigrating to Australia... Read my reason why.
    A Man Without Love continues the short connected true story style. This book is a collection of stories, evolving and revolving around a lonely young mechanic who worked for the author in the new town of Kununurra Western Australia. Bill Gump could be described as a live walking talking Medusa. The only man I know of who had been run over by a train, and then drove a customers car through a solid brick wall. Then hit a bull in the arse while it was shagging a cow in the middle of a dark road, this almost writing off his new Leyland P76 car... all in one month. It soon became clear Bill was lonely; a man who only wanted to be a normal bloke, in finding a girl and settling down to a family life. As you can see we had very little to work with; however, this did not stop Bills friends in trying to get him a woman... and eventually we did. These are stories full of laughts; yet tells of many historical events in which the author was involved.
  Book Three.
It all looked simple, but I knew the final result would cause great pain.
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    The Good The Bad & The Truth is a collection of short stories, all set in some seriously rough periods in and around the early new development of the West Australian Kimberley region.
    "The diamond fever epidemic" is a true and accurate description of the twisted and deceptive race to find what would eventually become AK1, the world's largest producing diamond mine.
    "Do you agree I was here first?" This is a moving true story of how my business partner and I were involved with the original Argyle mining claim and registration of this huge mine, and the unusual dramatic build-up to its discovery.
Then we have "The Majeed gold mine" owned by Mukarram Jah, the Eighth Nizam of Hyderabad. This gentleman had more gold stashed in his cutlery drawer than he ever extracted from his gold mine. But no matter, he just wanted to own a gold mine. However, his employees wanted far more.
    Buy, read, laugh, and enjoy.